The Evolution of the Crofters Organic Jam Bear

I thought it would be nice to share a little of my development work for Crofters Organic Jam. When Nurture Digital approached me to design the style of their animation, I could just imagine the bear wandering through the forests of Canada, picking the berries from the bushes.

For the designs they wanted to try a few variations for his look, from being a completely new character, to working our way back to a streamlined version of the black bear they had on their jar. Here is the evolution of how their bear came to be in the animation.

Watch the full Crofter Organic Jam animation here.

Crofters Organic Unused animation bear 01 by Dina Makanji
Crofters Organic unused bear Dina Makanji
Crofters unused bear 03
Crofters final Bear Dina Makanji