Crofters organic JAM - It's time for a change

Client:  Crofters Organic

Agency: Nurture Digital

Illustration: Dina Makanji

Animation: Dina Makanji

When I was approached by Nurture Digital to do the design and animation for the new Crofter’s Organic Jam video, I was really excited and flooded with ideas. They had composed a beautiful story and music, which inspired me to make a delicate illustration style that had layers of texture, glows and detail. 

To add to the storybook nature of the piece I created a single camera, to move through the whole piece, so to feel like you were drifting through the farm and landscapes on a journey with the narrative. As part of a larger campaign to bring more awareness to the decline in bees, Crofters donated $1 for every view of the video to help #savethebees