Client: Tictrac

Direction: Dina Makanji

Illustration & Animation: Dina Makanji

Audio and Sound: Morgan Samuel

We all love an explainer video, and there are plenty of them out there! This animation however was a little different, in that Tictrac didn’t want to promote a product or brand but more a lifestyle that would run as part of their video channel. We created this bright and colorful motion graphic piece, to talk about in a world where were always plugged in, there are benefits of self tracking and analyzing your data, for self-improvement, motivation and a healthier lifestyle.

As part of a bigger vision, Tictrac are working to create a platform to help people, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies capture their data from different apps, gadgets and sites, all in one place. It can then be used to help you engage better and learn more effective ways of self-improvement.