The style frames that never made it.

It's always sad when some really fun style frames don't make the cut, and never turn into their animated potential. Even so, at least I can share them here!

Dina Makanji Motion - Female Doctor
Dina Makanji Space Doctor


When does a package become a promise?

Working with the amazing illustrations of Will Samuel, I was the co-animator on the project. The piece focussed on how Puralator's service and efficiency gives you piece of mind, the animation reflected the smooth journey from delivering your package from A to B. The animation flows from beginning to end with some really fun transitions and characters along the way.

Client: Purolator
Production Company: 1st Avenue Machine
Director: Will Samuel
Animation: Will Samuel, Dina Makanji

Arts Council Evidence review Infographic

The Arts Council were creating an evidence review document, a detailed full report into the value of Arts and Culture to people and society. Alongside it they needed to create an infographic that would give readers a brief overview and key highlights from the report in a quick digestible way. Using the colours from the report, and the main chapters as a starting point, I created an engaging infographic and illustrations, that would stand alone but also give people vital facts on some of the most important findings in the evidence review.

Arts Council Evidence Review Infographic Illustration

I have moved!

So whist I'm sad to leave my shipping container in East London's trendy Containerville, some boxes are better left to ship things in.

I have now moved to a space with actual foundations but more importantly heaters. Complete with super fast fiber-optic broadband, a coffee machine and disco lights, you will now find me just north of Old Street station.


Nuts - A Short film by Eddie Frost

Bad day at work? Tell a friend.

Written and directed by the super talented Eddie Frost of Proudfoot, Nuts is a short personal project he'd wanted to make for a while. Eddie had a distinct idea of the look of the film and what he wanted my animated element to feel like. I worked with him to make his idea come to life and adding a small touch of animation to the film.

I'd write more but it's more fun to just watch the film.

The Evolution of the Crofters Organic Jam Bear

I thought it would be nice to share a little of my development work for Crofters Organic Jam. When Nurture Digital approached me to design the style of their animation, I could just imagine the bear wandering through the forests of Canada, picking the berries from the bushes.

For the designs they wanted to try a few variations for his look, from being a completely new character, to working our way back to a streamlined version of the black bear they had on their jar. Here is the evolution of how their bear came to be in the animation.

Watch the full Crofter Organic Jam animation here.

Crofters Organic Unused animation bear 01 by Dina Makanji
Crofters Organic unused bear Dina Makanji
Crofters unused bear 03
Crofters final Bear Dina Makanji

Diabetes Prevention Awareness Norway

Type 2 diabetes is a growing problem among ethnic communities in Norway. Diabetesforbundet wanted to target and engage with Norway’s 13% ethnic population to help highlight the issues and ways in which people can make small changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to keep a healthy heart. 

I was asked to design a set of characters, and illustrations that could feature on a leaflet. They needed to be culturally relevant and included people of all ethnicities enabling the target group to relate to the characters portrayed more easily. The A5 leaflet was distributed at all major distribution points as well as in local community centres and well received by Oslo's ethnic minorities.

Give a Crap

Poor sanitation is responsible for 500,000 child deaths a year, all of which could be prevented – if only people gave a crap.  Working for Rehab Studio, we only had a couple of days to design and create a quirky explanatory animation highlighting World Toilet Day, a day to raise awareness about all people who do not have access to a toilet - despite the human right to water and sanitation. 

The video was to work alongside a website which would let you find out how much the world wealthiest make when just sat on the toilet. From this they launched a twitter campaign to tweet the wealthiest to get them to donate the cost their time on the toilet to those who don't have access to this basic sanitation. 

To find out more visit to see how much everyones crap is worth or to find out more about world toilet day.

Teach Your Monster To Read - Champion Reader

Teach Your Monster to Read: Champion Reader is the third and final game in this reading series. Working with the Usborne Foundation and following the style we created for the previous two animations, I created the new trailer to the free online game. 

We see Your Monster with friends old and new, explore a colourful universe full of dazzling new planets, meeting curious characters along the way and doing silly things... as he does. We also introduce the new features of this third stage of learning, with different ways of spelling the same phonemes (letter-sounds) and the alternative pronunciations of the graphemes.

How Rich Are You?

Working with Creative Nuts and their illustrators, I animated the logos and infographics created for the Channel 4 programme, How Rich Are You? The one-off special presented by Richard Bacon talks about how in an age polarised between bling and benefits, where each of us stand in the great money map of Britain.

See more of the show and animations at:

The Arts Council Infographic

When creating the original animation for the Arts Council explaining their five goals for the future, I was asked to design some accompanying infographics. It was to echo the narrative and style of the film in a single page to concisely sum up their core goals.

Arts Council Five goals infographic by Dina Makanji

God Of War Ascension UK Cinema Logo Resolve

Over the next few weeks I'm going to share a lot of smaller projects that I've completed that couldn't show earlier. The first is quite different to the flat vector style motion graphics I usually create. Working with Sony I was asked to recreate the God of War Ascension logo animation to fit with the UK Cinema trailers. Using reference imagery from the video game and original trailer, I recreated this logo completely in After Effects. Using particular, shatter, custom maps, lighting and that thing I've always loved as a motion designer... rays & glows. A lot of tea & coffee was consumed in what were seriously long renders times to create this 8-second piece.